Miami Convention Center

November 30--December 4, 2021

Senior Writer: Charles Rush

Senior Photographer: Nelli Thoms

The Art Basel 2021, the Super bowl of Art in Miami, Florida, opened its doors again at the Miami Beach Convention Center on December 3-5, 2021. Art Basel in-person event was back after taking off 2020 due to the global pandemic.

The Art Basel has a long history in the art community showcasing the world’s top artists’ work under one roof in the United States, in Miami Beach, Florida. These signature art designs are considered masterpieces to many.

During this special time, the City of Miami hotels were either sold out or fully booked, private jets were lined up in Pembroke Pines at Oocka Opac airport, and luxury yachts were docked along the Miami Star Island.

The sold-out artwork event was highly expected to take place. Art collectors’ and art fans’ love for art requires their personal engagement with each art piece. Many stood by their favored artwork slowly taking in and savoring its beauty, the story behind the artwork and artists’ emotional mindset reflected in their art design. This year’s event also showcased NFTs. The coffee was hot, and the champagne glasses were up in the air celebrating the moments at Art Basel.

While many art fans, art collectors and artists were not able to attend this year due to international COVID restrictions in each country, many in the United States decided to miss Art Basel 2021 and to plan for Art Basel 2022 hoping that the travel restrictions will be softer or lifted.

We highly recommend our readers to plan attending Art Basel 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida, to enjoy the artwork from well-respected artists in the United States and international markets. You may want to purchase your tickets today at, because next year’s Art Basel 2022 event will sell out much faster and sooner.