Kamilah Exclusive Q & A Interview with James Stanley Director of Football Analytics and Linebacker Coach for Winnipeg Bombers

December 2, 2022

Senior Writer: Kamilah Foster

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Director of Football Analytics and Linebacker Coach

1. Where are you from and where did you play football? I am from Jackson, Michigan. I started playing football at 6 years old at King Center in Jackson. I had the privilege of playing college football at the University of Toledo. One unique thing about Jackson, Michigan.. There are only 2 professional football coaches from that city, Tony Dungy is one, and I am the other one.

2. What is it about football that you love the most? I love the interaction that I have with the players. I get a chance to meet players from different cities and countries. I love that I get to travel. Coaching gave me the opportunity to go to Japan and Mexico City just to name a few to do what I love to do.

3. What keeps you motivated to continue to coach? I am highly motivated to win and continue to improve every season. I want to continue to bring home championships.

4. What makes you different from other coaches? I asked other coaches what they didn’t like to do, and I made that my passion. I stayed in the trenches early in my career and stayed humble. I have learned the ability to adapt to the current players and I also learned multiple ways to coach based on the players positions.

5. What is the passion and the reasoning behind the years of success? I have a personal history with football and I know what it is capable of doing. Football kept me out of trouble and it taught me discipline. It taught me the importance of staying focused and teamwork. I loved being a part of something bigger than me.

6. On average, how long does it take a player to really learn their position? Honestly it is based on the individual. Some factors that play into that is from their background and training, their football IQ, and their overall commitment to achieve in their position.

7. How important is team culture? This is the foundation, the values, and beliefs to achieve the common goal to win championships.. We need everyone with the best altitudes and intentions to work together all year long.

8. How important is communication? This is a critical key to the success of any team or organization. We have to convey the expectations, and game plan with one step at a time, and with everyone being on the same page.

9. What are some of the lessons you have learned by being a coach? I have learned the importance of compassion and being prepared. The team is deemed a family and we care beyond the field. We are more concerned about their lives than just being a football player and collecting a check. Be prepared for anything and everything. This is my motto and it is not just for football, but for life in general.

10. Is there a difference in playing football in the United States vs. Canada? Some rules are different but the main objective is the same, throw, run, or kick the ball, score touchdowns, out score your opponent, and win championships. We were champions of the Grey Cup in 2019, 2020 season was canceled due to covid, 2021 we won the championship again, and this year we went to the Big dance but lost to our opponent. So again the mission is the same, win, win, and win again.