Kamilah Exclusive Q & A with Music Songwriter Scott Hayley

November 8, 2022

Senior Writer: Kamilah Foster

Country Artist from Texas

1. How has Texas Country Music helped people around the world?

The nature of Texas Country music, whether at home or abroad, provides an atmosphere of love, coming together, and a celebration of the culture that inspires the music. A culture of hard-working people who respect the land, the moral values, the history, and the Texan way of life. Just as I’ve seen in packed Texas dance halls, I’ve also seen people across the world, fill the dance floors, high five, and sing along at the top of their lungs, the songs inspired by our way of life. No matter where in the world I’m singing my songs, I always see smiles.

2. What has been the inspiration behind the song “The Life I lived”?

“The Life I’ve Lived,” is a story about my life. My mother become pregnant with me at the young age of thirteen. She was pressured to abort me, but she chose to lean on her own faith and keep me. That’s where the opening line “They all tried to kill me, before I was even born” came from. Since that decision, she granted me the opportunity at life, which wasn’t easy at times... but it had some very high points as well. It’s a story of the life that almost never was. It’s a story about fighting for another day, even in your darkest time. It’s about the beauty in life even when things seem dark or difficult. It’s a story of the life that almost never was.

3. What are you most excited about on this Euro Tour 2022?

The thing that excites me the most is being discovered by a completely new audience. I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that people would know my songs in countries like Poland, Germany, the UK, France. It’s opened my mind to new cultures and broadened how I view the world. I look forward to taking this new vision back to Texas and sharing it with people back home. I hope I can bring people a taste of what I’ve experienced in Europe back home with me.

4. How does it feel to have a New Single on Europe's Top 20 Charts?

It’s an incredible feeling. As of now, “The Life I’ve Lived,” is sitting at number nine in Europe. Wow! When Paul Cook and I wrote this song, we shared several emotional moments, as the words to the song brought back so many tough memories for me. To see the world embracing my story, and to see the song surging in the charts, it honestly makes this small-town country boy (from Rising Star, Texas) feel like I’m on top of the world.

5. What was it about Billy Ray Cyrus and Sammy Hagar that inspired you?

Billy Ray Cyrus released Achy Breaky Heart when I was nine years old. This was shortly after my father had committed suicide, and I relied on music to help me cope with the devastation of losing him. The happiness that came from Achy Breaky Heart, it was an escape from the terrible sadness in my heart and mind.

Even today, I’ll always appreciate that song for helping me get through one of the worse times in my life. Sammy Hagar was the first time I’d heard rock music. My aunt gave me a Sammy Hagar tape, and I’d never heard that type of sound before. It would lead to me discovering new sounds, such as Metallica and the grunge era of the 90’s. To this day, it still inspires my music in many ways.

6. Did you teach yourself how to play Country Music or were you taught in school?

It’s something I learned on my own. Not to say that I couldn’t use some education, but as of now, I’m completely self-taught. I’ve had some great pointers along the way. I am blessed to have had a great mentor, Doug Supernaw - who had some mega hits back in the 90’s. Before Doug’s passing, he gave me some wonderful advice in navigating the waters of country music.

7. Since you wanted to be in the music business at an early age, how did you get into the oil fields as a directional drilling consultant?

Where I’m from, hard work is a way of life. Dreams come later. I’m not saying that’s the right way to live, but it’s the culture of my home. Music is hard, and to the rational mind, impossible. With the world’s largest oil boom only a few hours west of my hometown, it was more appealing to find a career in oil and gas, and I’ve had one hell of an amazing career. I am blessed in the fact that I found myself at a point where I could combine my directional drilling career with my dream of playing music. The two of them together have now taken me all over the world.

8. After 19 years in the oil business, what was it that made you change to pursue music?

The hunger to make my own music has always been there. It’s something that I’ve always craved. I reached a point in life where job stress really began to take its toll on me, and I my health was beginning to suffer. I decided it was time for a new direction. After putting music on hold for nearly twenty years, it was time to bring it back in my life.

9. Since the pandemic has happened, do you have any new inspirations for your music?

The pandemic was hard on everyone. We all suffered loss, whether it be financial or losing people we loved. It gave me a better respect and appreciation of life. It has definitely carried over into my music.

10. What is something you would like to say to your fans?

First off, thank you! You are the driving force behind what keeps me chasing this dream. Seeing your smiles, reading your words of encouragement, and hearing stories of how my songs have touched your life, it’s what I live for.