Kamilah Exclusive Q & A Interview With Jason Cerda

October 29, 2022

Senior Writer: Kamilah Foster

Photo: Liberty Music PR

1. How does it feel to be defined as the new multicultural era of music?

I feel happy to be in such a unique position with really no limits on what direction I can take my sound. I love the idea of combining my love for dance with Latin pop music and always changing the beats along the way.

2. In your opinion, is there an advantage of having Puerto Rican and Dominican roots to merge your music style?

I feel like I am at an advantage because both cultures are so diverse in the styles and sounds that come from each of the respective islands. Because there have been so many other artists that have come from PR and DR, it is easy to learn from them and connect to their sounds as well. Since I was young, listening to Puerto Rican artists and music really influenced what I liked and enjoyed hearing.

3. In your opinion, has the pandemic changed the music industry?

I think the music industry changed in so many ways after the pandemic – good and bad. It gave artists the opportunity to get back to recording, creating new music, and even finding new inspiration in the time off to reinvent their sounds. It also allowed fans and listeners to appreciate streaming platforms and music outlets differently. Artists were forced to learn the importance of proper music distribution and capitalizing on monetary returns from channels they may have not focused on before. However, on that same note, the pandemic changed the music industry so much with the halt it put on live performances. So many artists, like myself, are inspired by fans and show interactions. Not being able to tour or perform in public settings could have really created a distance between the artists and fans. Needless to say, I’m happy that everything is slowly getting back to normal and live shows are back in action.

4. Has the pandemic drawn you closer to your family and fans?

Yes, it definitely did. I had a chance to connect with people I normally would not have and reminded me what was truly important.

5. How does it feel to be named from Billboard as one of the top 5 new artist to look out for?

I was so honored to be recognized by such a huge platform and publication. I hope that I am able to really influence the future of music and dance and pave a way for my sound.

6. What was the most memorable moments performing alongside Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Gente de Zona, Maluma, and Ozuna at the 2018 Calibash in Las Vegas, Nevada at T-Mobile Arena.

The overall experience of getting to perform in Las Vegas, one of the biggest entertainment cities in the world, was unbelievable. I felt like I belonged on stage to entertain the fans and was so happy to do it alongside the pioneers who have really led the way for me.

7. What was your experience when you were featured in Dutch mega movie “Onze Jongens in Miami” as the villain Pablo Ramirez.?

It was such a different experience for me altogether. I really loved tapping into the acting side of my artistry. Having to play a character that isn’t my usual personality was a challenge. I also had to get in the best psychical shape to be in the role and it really pushed me to be dedicated and focused to the task. Overall, I really enjoyed it and hope to be in another movie again!

8. Since the venues are back opened again and safe to perform, what are some of your plans?

As I start to release my new music, I really hope to perform in cities I have never been. I’m hoping to tour, and book shows in as many places and at as many festivals as I can.

9. Since the pandemic has happened, do you have any new inspirations for your music?

I took the time to really explore a new sound and create a modern edge for my music which is what the fans will be hearing with my new releases. I played around with different beats, explored new styles of music from different parts of the world, and worked with different producers to really create a new vibe.

10.What something you would like to say to your fans?

Chase your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.