Kamilah Exclusive Q & A with Josvani Vierra

August 27, 2022

Senior Writer: Kamilah Foster

1. When did you know that you had something special?

Growing up I always rapped for fun. It wasn't until I was 17 where I started taking music seriously. By the time I was 19, I realized music was for me.

2. Looking over your career, was it an advantage coming from a musical family?

My family has so much different taste when it comes to music so I was influenced by a bunch of artists from different genres. I benefit from my grandfather having musical experience being that he gives me advice from his experiences.

3. What is the musical flavor/influence that you are bringing to the table being from New Jersey?

Being from New Jersey, I always felt that our state was slept on. What I'm here to do is show that New Jersey has talent. Not only talent, but the next big thing.

4. Since being in the music business what has been some of the ups and downs?

Since being in the music business I could say the upside about it is being able to provide great music and being able to use my platform to inspire others. The downside about it is that there are always going to be people who try to bring you down and try to push you off your tracks. Being in the industry exposes me a lot more to that but in the end, it always comes when you are on a road to success.

5. How important is it to have your family supporting you as you follow your dreams?

It's always a good feeling knowing that my family supports me. They are there to give me that extra push and keep me motivated. Not to Mention my mom and dad bought my first home studio setup for my birthday, so it just goes to show that they are really supportive and involved.

6. Did the pandemic change how you operate in doing music?

The Pandemic actually benefited me in a way where I was able to work more on my craft being that I had more time. It's almost like it allowed me to advance quicker being that I was more consistent.

7. What has been your inspiration to write, sing, and produce your own music?

Music overall has just inspired me to wanna create my own. If I hear a good Record, automatically I feel inspired to create.

8. You are making a name for yourself with doing some popular remixes, what was the key factor in choosing the right song?

When it came to choosing songs for the remixes, I felt as if the only important selection was the 'Finesse Remix' suggested by DJ Drewski in which he played on the radio. The rest of the selections were at random however, they show my versatility when it comes to different genres and vocal performances.

9. How excited are you that you have a single called “I Need” being released and a video to this song?

I am very excited- being that it's my first single that is original and will be able to be streamed on all platforms. Everyone typically knows me through the remixes I have done and are curious to what my original sound is. This single allows me to introduce the audience to my true skill as an Artist.

10. What is the definition of success for you?

I can only see myself as successful if I know for a fact that my family is taken care of whether it's physical, mental, or financial. As long as we are all worry free, we are successful.