Kamilah exclusive Preview of "All Of Me" By Dj Destructo

May 12, 2022

Exclusive Preview of “All of Me” By DJ Destructo

Hear Our City Media By: Kamilah Foster

Instagram @DestructoAMF www.DjDestructo.com

Ladies and Gentleman, and fans around the world… get ready for the Electronic Music Producer & DJGary Richards aka DJ DESTRUCTO.He is currently touring across 2 countries and has 26 upcoming concerts.He will be appearing at Leland City Club. The Leland City Club is the place where you will satisfy your night hunger, Leland City Club is located in the historic Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit. The Leland City Club is an industrial and goth themed bar that is locally famous. International DJs spin dark tunes for the dancers to enjoy. After hours, the space turns into a full bar. Crowd-watching is part of the fun here, as most patrons dress up for their night out to come and enjoy live music. The DJs on the deck ride the line between hip-hop and electronic beats in a refreshing hybrid of both.

I must say DJ Destructo picked the right spot to hammer the crowd with his recent productions which include “F with Me (feat. Chromeo & Tima Dee),” his critically-acclaimed remix of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” and his latest single “All Of Me,” a collaboration with new entity MxNxSTxR-- a fresh set of intoxicating melodies and basslines for the place where the two artists share their passion: the dance floor. Once I heard this track my body instantly went into a dancing mood.

DJ Destructo said “I’m so hyped to finally introduce the world to MxNxSTxR,” shares DESTRUCTO. “MxNxSTxR is a project I have been working on with someone who is keeping their true identity a secret. ‘All of Me’ is MxNxSTxR’s first official release, with so much more music to come. Get ready to dance your ass off & party!” Again “All of Me '' is the follow up to DESTRUCTO’s future funk bop, “F with Me (feat. Chromeo & Tima Dee),”,and a remix of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” which is impacting dance music radio now.

DJ Destructo has performed under the name Destructo for over twenty years, touring around the world. He is hailed as one of the most important people in EDM giving artists such as Deadmau5, God Lives Underwater and Basement Jaxx a leg up into the limelight. With his highly sought after concerts and music this experience will be nothing short of AMAZING!