July is MIchigan Beer Month

June 30, 2021

Raise a Commemorative Glass to Michigan Beer Month!

(LANSING, Mich.) — As part of this year’s “Michigan Beer Month” celebration, the Michigan Brewers Guild has announced that a one-of-a-kind commemorative pint glass will be available at more than 70 member breweries and select retail outlets around the state throughout the summer (while supplies last). Breweries are also being encouraged to feature a special beer throughout the month – like a collaboration or a special release – to help celebrate.

Legislators in Lansing have recently reaffirmed July as “Michigan Beer Month” with resolutions within both the House and Senate noting the brewing industry’s long-standing history, impact on both the tourism and agricultural interests and the ongoing contributions to the overall economy of the state.

“Michigan beer month is a fun celebration of local beer which normally culminates with our annual Summer Beer Festival. Due to the impact of Covid-19 we have made alternative plans to host two festivals in August in lieu of the Summer Beer Festival,” says Scott Graham, Executive Director of the Guild. “We look forward to sharing a beer on August 14th at LMCU Ballpark in Comstock Park and August 28 at Turtle Creek Stadium in Traverse City.”

“Michigan Beer Month” recognizes that:

* Michigan breweries are a vibrant affirmation and expression of Michigan’s entrepreneurial traditions, operating as community-based small businesses and providing more than 21,000 full time jobs.

* Our state has breweries in every region of the state with more than 400 statewide.

* Michigan currently ranks sixth in the nation for the overall number of breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs. The Michigan Brewers Guild celebrates locally-made beer by hosting its Summer Beer Festival in July – one of five annual events held around the state.

* Brewers in Michigan support state agriculture by purchasing hops, malted barley, wheat, beet sugar, cherries, apples, and numerous other fruits, herbs, spices, and vegetables grown in Michigan, along with water sourced from the Great Lakes Region.

* Michigan brewers promote a spirit of independence through a renaissance in locally produced beers like those first brought to the state by European settlers and produced here by our forefathers, including Bernhard Stroh, for the enjoyment of the citizenry.

* Striving to educate legal drinking age residents, Michigan brewers convey awareness about the differences in beer flavor, aroma, color, alcohol content, body, and other complex variables, beer history, and gastronomic qualities of beer.

* Michigan brewers champion the message of responsible enjoyment to their customers and work within their communities to prevent alcohol abuse and underage drinking.

* Breweries in Michigan produce more than 100 distinct styles of flavorful beers, the quality and diversity of which have made Michigan the envy of many states, contributing to the balanced trade with increased Michigan exports and promoting Michigan tourism.

* The brewing industry in Michigan has seen great growth and success, contributing more than $914 million in labor income with a total economic contribution of more than $2.5 billion, thriving and expanding to further their economic importance to the state.

* Michigan brewers are vested in the future, health, and welfare of their communities as employers providing a diverse array of quality local jobs. They are contributors to the local tax base and are committed partners for a broad range of local, regional, and state non-profit organizations and other philanthropic causes.

* The Michigan Brewers Guild is a passionate beer community that believes in quality artisanship, bold character, fun, responsibility and pushing the boundaries while promoting and protecting the Michigan beer industry.

Formed in 1997, the Michigan Brewers Guild represents nearly 300 member breweries. The Guild is a passionate beer community that believes in quality artisanship, bold character, fun, responsibility and pushing the boundaries. The mission of the Guild is to promote and protect the Michigan beer industry with an overarching goal to help locally brewed beer attain 20% of all beer sales in the state by 2025.

Michigan’s brewing industry contributes more than 21,000 full-time jobs and $914 million in labor income, with a total economic impact of over $2.5 billion. In terms of overall number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs, Michigan ranks #6 in the nation—supporting its title as “The Great Beer State.”