Exclusive Interview Q & A with Audio Jack owner David Tobin

September 16, 2021

Exclusive Interview with CEO David Tobin

By: Kamilah Foster

AUDIOJACK: A One-Of-A-Kind Sonic Experience

1. What was thought process behind creating AudioJack? Media access to projects with sound effects. Wanted to create a project with imagination only

2. How long was the process of creating this app? Days to weeks to create and build each projects.

3. As a TV producer and former manager of the iconic Sunset Strip venue “The Roxy” and its exclusive club, “On the Rox”, did you see something that sparked this ground breaking adventure? Access to amazing talented minds coming to the Roxy. Around Los Angeles TV producers gave me access to sounds all the time.

4. Do you believe that this will be another tool to communicate to those who might have a learning disability? UC Riverside used AudioJack with 300 people in study group and we work with the California School for the Blind in the past using AudioJack. We also have used it with people with PTSD, and we’ve worked with APH aka American Printing House.

5. Was this app created as an outlet to those who spend a lot of time on social media? Anyone who spends time on their cell phones. The average person spends 14 hours per week on their phones. People also use their phones. People use their social sites from their desk top computers and laptops.

6. How long does it take to create hundreds of sounds that are layered together to tell a story for imagination purposes? Days or weeks to create hundred sounds. Depends on how many times revising the story of the sound.

7. How does this app help to relieve anxiety, stress and even insomnia? Improves listening skills, allows your mind to process, and to let a person mind wonder, and also refresh it.

8. How important is it that each AudioJack is designed to take you to a place and make you feel like you’re actually there? It’s very important. Here is your tool kit to unlock your mind, it feels like you are somewhere else, control your life and feel.

9. How important is it to give your eyes and mind a break by engaging your ability to daydream? Helps you use your imagination, allows your imagination to take you there, and the sound takes you there.

10. What has been the initial reactions to the first time experiencing AudioJack app? “Amazing powerful moment “, "Feels like you are there”, and “Pump Up".

My mother was an inner-city high school teacher for 22 years. People use AudioJack for writers block. AudioJack has helped students to increase their writing by 8 percent and none English speaking students increased their writing by 22 percent.