Dragons and Mythical Beasts Coming To Detroit Music Hall

November 2, 2022



Calling all brave heroes! Enter into a magical world of myths and legends in this fantastical new show for the whole family. Dragons & Mythical Beasts comes to Music Hall January 7, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 4 at 10:00 a.m. and can be purchased online at Ticketmaster.com, BroadwayinDetroit.com, charge by phone (800) 982-2787, and in person at the Fisher Theatre Box Office.
Unveil a myriad of dark secrets and come face to face with some of the most magnificent monsters and terrifying beasts ever to walk the earth. Discover the colossal Stone Troll, the mysterious Indrik and Japanese Baku the Tooth Fairy (not as sweet as you'd think), an adorable Unicorn and majestic Griffin. Take your place among legendary heroes, just don't wake the Dragon…

This award-winning show comes to the USA direct from the West End, from the creators of the international smash hit Dinosaur World Live, who bring spectacular puppets to life. Don’t miss this brand-new spell-binding adventure, live on stage!

This production is suitable for all ages 3+


‘HALDOR’ - Type of creature: Stone Troll Strength: Almost totally indestructible! Weakness: Moves very slowly in daylight. NOTE: Usually found across Northern Europe, buried deep underground.

‘JUNO’ - Type of creature: Dragon Strength: Powerful claws, wings, and teeth. Can also breathe fire. Weakness: All dragons share a great weakness to the mighty sword – DRAGONSBANE! NOTE: Juno has 36 teeth, all of them containing deadly venom. Very, very, very big teeth!

‘SHIMMER’ - Type of creature: Unicorn Strength: Unicorn horns have very powerful healing properties. (They also have glittery poo!) Weakness: Loud noises - Unicorns can get scared easily. NOTE: Unicorns are born completely gold and turn silver as they age!

‘SHIRDAL’ - Type of creature: Griffin Strength: Sharp claws and a strong beak. Weakness: Easily distracted - especially by gold, but anything shiny will do. NOTE: In the wild, Griffins build giant nests of gold where they lay their eggs. And, where does he keep finding that rubbish bin?!

‘THE BAKU’ - Type of creature: Baku Strength: Takes away nightmares. Weakness: Might accidentally take all your dreams away - good and bad! NOTE: Stopping trying to cuddle the Baku, Dave! Remember rule number three!

‘AERWYN’ - Type of creature: Tooth Fairy Strength: Surprisingly strong for their size, and very, very quick. Weakness: Can be quite temperamental, and easily upset by neglected teeth. NOTE: Fairies use teeth to build their nests - the stronger the better! Must remember to floss.

‘GEORGE’ - Type of creature: Wyvern Strength: Powerful jaws and legs! Also very intelligent. Weakness: George is young so he hasn’t got any teeth…yet. NOTE: George seems very fond of Aerwyn. Are they friends…?

‘THE INDRIK’ The Indrik is a very powerful and mysterious creature. Not much is known about them - but they are said to appear when an act of true heroism is performed.

Dragons & Mythical Beats will be at Music Hall in Detroit on Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. Tickets start at $29.50 (includes facility fees) and will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 4. Tickets can be purchased online at ticketmaster.com, by phone at 800-982-2787, and in person at the Fisher Theatre Box Office. A limited number of premium seats will be available through Ticketmaster and at the Fisher Theatre Box Office.

For group sales (10 or more) please email broadwayindetroitgroups@theambassadors.com or call 313-871-1132.

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All ticket purchasers will receive a Broadway in Detroit Health & Safety Guide via email in the days prior to their performance. This guide will also be posted on the company’s website (BroadwayInDetroit.com) and available at the Fisher Theatre box office. It will have the latest information on the company’s health and safety protocols as well as information on what to expect when you arrive at the theatre.

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