Comcast Rise $10,000 Detroit Winner Richard Carson

August 3, 2022

Exclusive Interview with Comcast Rise Detroit $10,000 Grant Winner Richard Carson

Hear Our City Media

By: Kamilah Foster

Owner of Health and Safety for All

1. What was your initial reaction to winning the $10,000 Grant from Comcast Rise Detroit?

I was very surprised but appreciative. When I got the call, I thought they was telling me I was selected to go to the next round. I immediately got excited that I can extend my efforts to help those in need.

2. What makes your business unique?

I can help people with pre chronic conditions and for those who have chronic conditions have a better way of life, I become their life coaches. The goal is to give people a support system to make better life choices in order to maintain healthy living.

3. How can people support or follow your business?

We are at,

4. How does your business positively impact Detroit?

This is from a hands-on approach to life and the City of Detroit. I am the CEO of Health and Safety for All and Health and Safety for All Foundation. On April 25, 2002, I discovered that I had zero kidney function and would start lifesaving dialysis the next day. I, as many men of color, had neglected to be proactive in my health. I pledged to make it my life’s mission to start a business that can provide first aid, health, and safety products and services. That’s what led to the formation of my for-profit enterprise Health and Safety for All. In 2021 the Health and Safety for All Foundation was created and granted 501© (3) status. The mission is the provision of lifesaving first aid, health and safety products and services to underserved individuals, organizations, and communities. Utilizing these two entities we want to the be the premier provider for all types of organizations regardless of economic means. I believe in saving and improving life and for the citizens to have a better quality of life, one step at a time.

5. How did you hear about Comcast Rise Grant Program?

I saw a commercial, although I applied last year, and I didn’t win, so I tried it again.

6. Why did you decide to apply?

I thought to myself why not, I’ll try again. The money won’t hurt, I can do more for the business, and further all the goals to help the community. I’ll take a chance to partner up with a company who is advancing and improving the quality of the neighborhood.

7. How has your life and business changed since winning the $10,000 Grant?

There is a new energy that has risen to accomplish the goals set before us as a company. There are new ways to market and advertise what we do as a company. There is a new approach to appreciating and giving back to City and neighborhoods.

8. What is the importance of having a veteran owned business?

This opportunity has highlighted the importance of teamwork and preparation. These are vital components of having a healthy safe life. We can’t be successful doing things on our own, and you aways must be ready for whatever might happen. This has always been the mission of the military. We are still on duty to protect and serve. Services never ends.

9. In your opinion, what is the importance of having this opportunity for the culture and for the City of Detroit?

I am a living example of what can happen if you continue to fight for a good cause. I have a chronic condition, I have a disability, I have a business, and I have trained myself to not give up. Keep moving forward for the families who need hope.

10. What is your advice for other small minority business owners?

Try again, and keep trying, keep searching for help anther way. Stick to it. Let your passion drive you, and don’t be selfish. Put a team in place and collaborate with others. Teamwork makes the dream work. Become a Corporate Neighborhood, when we do this it’s a Win-Win Situation.