Comcast Rise $10,000 Detroit Winner Ponce D Clay

August 3, 2022

Exclusive Interview with Comcast Rise Detroit $10,000 Grant Winner Ponce D. Clay

Hear Our City Media

By: Kamilah Foster

Owner of The Benkel Company

1. What was your initial reaction to winning the $10,000 Grant from Comcast Rise Detroit?

I was ecstatic and thrilled. I was happy that my goals weren’t thoughts anymore, they were becoming reality.

2. What makes your business unique?

The business is solution orientated. We make sure that our client’s objectives and expectations are met, and our solutions are tailored made for each client, and we specialize in being the perfect fit for the situation.

3. How can people support or follow your business?

We are at and

4. How does your business positively impact Detroit?

Most of our clients are veterans and family of veterans. We help them develop businesses, get access to all their benefits, get a better quality of life, increase health, economic wealth, and legacy.

5. How did you hear about Comcast Rise Grant Program?

I saw an ad on the internet, and I applied for the grant 2 years ago.

6. Why did you decide to apply?

I had a friend in Atlanta who sent me the link, with the encouraging words to try again. For business purposes it just made sense to try it again. The bonus is I’m a long time customer of Comcast and I believe in them and their product and services.

7. How has your life and business changed since winning the $10,000 Grant?

This grant will give the company the marketing and upgrade it needs to be visible and approachable of how business has changed since covid. It will make our business more accessible to deliver more services to our clients.

8. What is the importance of having a veteran owned business?

We can continue to serve the mission. We can continue to do what we do for our fellowmen and women of the neighborhoods and the country. We can continue to help those who served the country to be healthy, stable and leave generational wealth.

9. In your opinion, what is the importance of having this opportunity for the culture and for the City of Detroit?

It’s another great tool to create health, and wealth. Make families whole again and improve their housing situations.

10. What is your advice for other small minority business owners?

Keep trying, become a team, ask questions, be deliberate, be determined, be disciplined, and be dedicated, which will always yield great results.