Comcast and NFL Sunday Ticket

September 7, 2023

Comcast has teamed up to introduce the NFL Sunday Ticket, offering access to every football game, regardless of location.

Below are three tips to help enjoy every touchdown, tackle, and thrilling moment of the football season.

1- Plan for Game Day: Plan your game day experience by checking the schedule, setting reminders for key games, and organizing a comfortable viewing area with snacks and drinks. Make it a weekly ritual to enjoy uninterrupted football action.

2- Stay Connected: Stay connected to the game even when you're on the go. Download the Xfinity Stream app to catch every score with NFL RedZone. Whether traveling, running errands, or away from the TV, the app keeps customers updated with real-time highlights and game-changing moments.

3- Maximize Discounts and Promotions: Take advantage of available discounts and promotions. Until September 30, Xfinity customers can dive into the NFL action on YouTube and save up to $200.